Phishing for Little Fish

What is Phishing and How Can You Protect Yourself From An Attack?

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Methods: Brute Force “Hacking” vs Social Engineering

Cybercriminals can utilize various means to gain access to your data. Some of the most common are brute force “hacking” and social engineering. How do they do it?

Brute Force “Hacking”

This method uses a program that will input millions or billions of password combinations to attempt to gain access to company data sources. This is effective and costly for cybercriminals to employ.

Social Engineering

This method requires minimal effort to gain access to a company’s data. By exploiting the fallacies of human behavior, cybercriminals gain access over time by hiding in plain sight. It is lower cost and more effective for cybercriminals to employ.



  • Poor user practices/gullibility
      • Cybercriminals rely on isolating tactics where they can prey upon your most gullible individuals
      • “It only takes one” – One user being duped is all it takes to compromise EVERYTHING!
  • Poor cybersecurity training
      • Companies need to implement regular security awareness training that can be carried out by third-party providers in order to patch the security knowledge gaps within the organization. 
  • Lack of attention or ignorance to critical red flags and signs
  • Malicious websites
  • Lost/stolen/weak credentials
  • Most commonly, phishing emails!

What Can Be Done?

Phishing Simulations

Who Should Do This?

  • Every company of 5 or more employees should implement


  • These tools allow for simulated phishing emails to be created and delivered to your staff. Individuals who click on the emails will be listed in monthly reports as well as assigned customized training to increase their level of cyber awareness

Dark Web Monitoring

It is impossible to prevent your company’s login information and credentials from being sold on the dark web. By implementing a tool that will continuously scan the dark web for entries of your companies logins, you will gain visibility and be able to respond quickly. 

    The Conclusion

    Any company can become prey for cybercriminals, but proper awareness and training can significantly reduce your company’s risk of a costly incident.

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