Cybersecurity Assessment

2020 saw the world’s largest increase in cyber attacks due to the heavy reliance on technology and rapid shift to remote workforces. Don’t allow your organization to fall victim to a cyber attack. Schedule a cybersecurity assessment to uncover your risks and receive a remediation plan. 

One-Time Cybersecurity Assessment

Every cybersecurity plan starts with a risk assessment. The first step to having a functional cybersecurity framework is to understand your organization’s level of risk. We do the heavy lifting to identify where the gaps in security are and provide the findings to you in a straightforward and meaningful report.

Findings Overview

We take the guesswork out of understanding your risks. You will then be assigned an overall risk score, using our proprietary security matrix that takes into account a multitude of relevant data points specific to your organization. Our competent team will deliver the results of the assessment to you in a manner that allows you to understand the implications and make intelligent business decisions based on the findings.

Remediation Plan

Once you understand the risks and we communicate the gaps in security, we outline your risk remediation plan. This includes the exact tasks required to improve your organization’s risk score as well as the approximate cost of performing the remediation on your own or hiring us to do so.


Cybersecurity Is Like An Onion

The most common attack vector is social engineering. Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated. Gone are the days where we only had to worry about brute force attacks.

The latest tactics involve spoofing the identities of business stakeholders. In these scenarios, the bad actors will lie dormant in your email system and monitor communications to gain an understanding of who decision-makers are and their style of communication. They will then use this information to launch an attack and attempt to compromise critical business data, halt operations, or steal money.

You must take a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity. No single system is fully capable of protecting your organization and its valuable data from would-be thieves. An intentional, thoughtful security ecosystem must be built that contains multiple layers (like an onion)  in order to create a deterrent and protect the organization.

User Awareness Training

Improperly trained users expose companies to unnecessary risk of cybersecurity incidents. You can reduce your organization’s risk of a breach by 60% simply by training your users and raising awareness of threats. We provide a comprehensive system to identify users who may be more prone to falling for a phishing attack and assign training sessions that will enable them to spot phishing attempts more readily and respond appropriately.

Proprietary Scoring Matrix

We have created a system for assessing the security standing of your organization. Using the ISO/IEC 27001 standard as the framework of our assessment, we compile multiple datapoints to determine your risk score. Our datapoints include: org size, software stack, network configuration, MFA, encryption type, past breaches, security training and more.

Schedule a Cybersecurity Assessment