Our Comprehensive Network Assessment Is The First Step

By leveraging state of the art software and processes, we discover inefficiencies and propose solutions to your IT situation.

Fast technology documentation

Our goal is to have complete awareness of your existing IT environment so that we can ensure that our recommendations are compatible with the rest of your software and hardware. Let us do te heavy lifting.

Accurate IT Cost Forecasting

Instead of simply performing a visual assessment of your hardware, we map out your complete environment including computers, printers, networking devices and servers. Armed with this level of detail we will be able to provide you with an extremely accurate and reliable proposal for managing your IT infrastructure and the costs associated with it. No more surprises!

Non-Intrusive Approach

Our software is designed from the ground up to run as non intrusively as possible. Your devices settings and configuration will not be altered as a result of our Network Assessment. You can rest assured that your information is safe.

What Are You Waiting For? Book Your Network Assessment  Today!

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The Process Is Simple!

The Network Assessment is the first step in the right right direction to experiencing total peace of mind! If you highly value your time and don’t want to spend it performing IT related tasks and up-keep, then this is for you.

Book Your Network Assessment

The first step is booking your appointment. Most Network Assessments are completed from start to finish in 1 hour.

Perform Network Assessment

Our technician will come on-site to your office to inventory your setup and document any concerns you currently have.


We will present our IT masterpiece to you. This is a complete plan for addressing your security, reliability, and performance issues.


We put the plan in place. Once all equipment is installed, we deploy our network monitors, giving us the ability to maintain your network and devices in real-time. We are now your IT department.