Paragon Performance Plan Portal

Access your client portal to submit new service tickets, view ticket history and billing history.

Documentation Hub

Access the documentation hub to view all of the documentation we have on your company. Hardware, software, account numbers. You can rely on us. We have it all.

Remote Support

Need remote assistance. Click here to be directed to our remote support portal where we will be able to establish a remote session with your computer in order to troubleshoot an issue.

Internet Speed Test

Are you experiencing slowness on your network. Try running a speediest to make sure your internet service provider is delivering the speeds you pay for.

Frequently asked questions

No question is bad. Check out the ones we commonly receive.

All of the services sound great. They also sound expensive. Do you work with small businesses?

Short answer is… Yes! We love to work with small business and our managed services scale down to work well with small business budgets. As long as your office has a combined total of at least 5 workstations (laptops or desktops), then we can help you out. Now there’s a small business answer from a fellow small business!

Is there a contract for your managed IT services?

We pride ourselves in taking care of our customer’s office technology as if it were our own and providing world-class support. We are highly committed to ensuring that you have the best technology experience and that we keep your productivity HIGH so that you can make more money. Our minimum commitment is 1 year with all of our managed IT plans.

What is your average response time for support requests?

Check our homepage. We track our response times in real-time and make it available for clients and visitors to view. Under normal circumstances, our response times are usually under 2 hours for support requests.

We are looking to implement a specific feature set (migrate a software package to the cloud, add the capability for remote employees to work, etc). Can you set up a solution for us that we can manage internally once the initial deployment configuration is complete?

Yes, we are staffed to handle both IT manged service agreements and one-off projects alike. Contact us to define the scope of your project and our consultants will work with you to make develop the best solution to cater to your specific use case.

Do you have another question for us that is not answered here?